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Gaia City Concept

Remember ... It takes a village!

The Gaia City concept is a community concept that is designed to help people live closer to and with the earth while being connected to the world at large.  We will offer Single Family, Multi Family, and Mixed-use buildings to help people live a life of peace and joy. It's time we lived our best lives, being in sync with the Earth while spending time with our loved ones and making a difference on the planet.


Gaia Cities is the place to be. Please review the key features that make living with us a dream come true.

For further information with regards to building a Gaia City near you, or living in these amazing cities please contact

Paul D'Souza

RaaS - Residence as a Service

  • Solar, Geo-Thermal, and Wind, energy sources

    • Passive Solar high performance insulated homes​

  • PreFab Homes 

    • Smart Homes with Connected appliances and security.

  • Customer Service ​

    • 24/7 customer support via Phone and Mobile App

  • Predictive & Preventive Home-Maintenance ​

    • 49 point Annual home inspections ( filters, bulbs, sprinklers, etc)

  • Affiliate Service Benefits

    • Renters Insurance, Pet Care,  Laundry, House Cleaning, etc.

Deltech new homes.jpeg

Build Equity

Build equity while you Rent a home with us … because each month 15% of your rent is invested in our REIT. These funds have a chance to mature over time.

Let’s say your rent is $2,000 a month. Of that, $340 will automatically go towards an investment in our REIT.  After 60 months, you’ve got $20,400 plus potential gains. 

  • This increases loyalty and total customer value

  • Helps renter build their retirement portfolio with us. 

  • Now you just don’t have renters, you have co-owners that are going to look after their properties with a sense of ownership.

Equity Image.jpeg

Conscious Community

Our communities will residents enjoy educational, cultural, spiritual, as well as health and wellness resources like …

  1. Regenerative Farming 

  2. Animal Rescue - Horses, Dog & Cats

  3. Cantina - so we eat together 

  4. Collaboration spaces for Learning and Work

  5. Meditation Hall - pray together

  6. Trails for Horses, Bicycles & Walking

Regenerative Garden.jpeg
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