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Helping entrepreneurs
live a good life.

Paul believes that your business is only as good as your heart space.

Who is Paul D'Souza

Paul has spent his career helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses and live a good life. His approach is strategic and anchored in the belief that all business is personal. A business is only as good as its leadership team.  


Paul has been turning business around and helping design sales strategies since 2003. Before that, Paul was an Account Executive selling multi-million dollar Enterprise Software and IT Services projects in the Fortune 500 market space.


Over the years Paul has held leadership positions of CEO, VP Sales, or Chief Revenue Officer to help companies restructure their Go-To-Market strategies, sales processes, and customer engagement programs; all for the sake of increasing revenue and profitability.


Paul as also invented a practical philosophy to life called Wha-Dho and uses its principles in everything he does. The core objective in this approach to life is to integrate one Mind, Body, and Spirit with the World around you. He calls it The Way of Harmony.

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Who Are We

Paul's book was picked as one of the Top 10 must-read sales books by the Selling Power magazine.

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