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Wha-Dho; a Japanese word that means "The Way of Harmony" - is a practical philosophy that was invented by Paul D'Souza. It was designed to help people move powerfully in society. In short, it helps one integrate Mind, Body, Spirit with the world around you. The Wha-Dho Philosophy has 9 principles that you can leverage to live a powerful life.  Learn to use them well.


Learn to “Listen" to your inner voice and what is really important to you in the silence of your own heart.

With this new sense of listening, "Become Aware" of the pain and suffering as well as the Joy and Happiness you experience in life.

Transition & Healing.
With self-awareness, you will "Transition” away from things that cause you pain and suffering giving you the space to engage with activities that bring you Joy and Happiness.

Alignment With Truth.
With your newfound awareness and presence of Joy and Happiness in your life, you will begin to align with your truth and design action that supports a life of Authenticity and Power.


The Principle of Purpose.
What do you want to accomplish? This step specifies the end result for which you will act. It creates the foundation for everything you do.

The Principle of Prosperity.
Every dream has a price tag. How much money do you need to make to fulfill your purpose? Anything less is not enough. Too much money adds complexity and could distract you away from your stated goal.


The Principle of Process.
What set of actions will you take to win? With your clear sense of Purpose and your understanding of how much money you need to make, you can begin to design a process to accomplish your goals. 

The Principle of People.
Who will support you in your process? Who are the people in your life? Do they support you?  Do they hurt your success? Choose your friends and partners well. Choose whom you play with.

The Principle of Practical Leadership.
My favorite principle! It suggests you help all the people that you have enrolled in your narrative of life fulfill their life purpose. This way you tap into the principle of Reciprocity and will begin to celebrate the benefits of loyalty, support, and commitment from employees, customers, partners, and vendors.

Vista desértica

Randolfo R. Pozos, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Paul brought tremendous harmony and peace to me and my family at a very difficult time along with laughter and the delights of Indian cuisine. Our healing journey continues. Paul is not a miracle worker. He lets miracles work." 


Chris Eckenroth

Paul, I just love our calls.  They are a great way for me to decompress and get back into my heart. Things at work can be so hectic. Also ... the topics you talk about and discuss are so practical, just seem to be what I need to hear that day. Thank you. 
Chris Eckenroth


Chris Eckenroth

I just spent an enlightening 50 minutes with you on your Call. It is a wonderful experience. Thanks for a great effort from you to get the message across to benefit us. I really liked the emphasis you gave on how to combine the various values of life and channel it oneself while connecting with the divine spirit. And bringing out the importance of meditation and yogic practices provides extra reinforcement to our efforts to make this journey easier. I look forward to your upcoming calls with Paul. Thanks once again Paul

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