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The Healing Ranch

Welcome to our Ranch in New Mexico where we resuce Mustang horses and tap into the magic of being with these amazing animals;  ... the true heart beat of America. On the business front we work with Entrepreneurs; helping you rest, rejuvenate and tap into the wisdom of your inner self. We believe that your capacity to act in the market is directly related to the quality of your head and heart space. 

Once your heart and your head is in the right place; we work with you to grow your business.

We address your go-to-market strategy, leadership training, need for capital, business process, and everything else needed to help you grow your business and generate significant value.

300+ Acre Ranch

The ranch is surrounded by the Navajo Reservation and is just 30 miles south of the city of Gallup, NM. We are at 7000 feet elevation in what is called the High Desert region of New Mexico. Come visit and stay a while.


Celebrate Life

We love to celebrate life and living and create many moments of joy throughout the week. 


Most Tuesday's we celebrate Taco Tuesday where we come together to celebrate the happenings of the week with tacos flavored with homemade dishes of meats and fish.  You never know who is going to join us and what we will serve, but it's always good. ... yes; Tequila will be served.

We also do evening Chai and weekend Brunches.

Tacos gourmet
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